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When the mother of his infant son unexpectedly passes away, struggling actor Mark grapples with fatherhood and his inability to grow up. And when he sparks with a single mother, he learns how his choices have real-life consequences.

Duration: 89 min
Actors: Mark Webber, Alia Shawkat, Shannyn Sossamon

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Being a single Dad, I could feel the same emotions this guy was going through. The awkward relationship moments, the moments of hope when you think everything’s gonna be okay, and then you get broadsided by some ridiculous turn of events that costs you your last few bucks. And all the while you’ve gotta figure out where to find food and shelter for your kid. Mark Webber has full-on captured this part of life. It was painful to watch, and I could have easily lost it and cried if had allowed myself that luxury, but like Mark in the movie, you don’t always have that safe place to really let go and get it all out. What a great movie he has written and directed!

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